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Due to their custom and personal nature, no returns can be accepted on our safety gear/signage

Looking for gear to support your employees and customers as you operate or prepare to re-open your business? We've gathered our most frequently requested safety gear items, such as face masks, social distancing floor decals, acrylic barriers, posters, and more into one convenient site. Some of these products are stocked by Identity Works, allowing you to get smaller quantities quickly, while others are printed to order. Many of the products seen can be further customized, and a wide variety of sizes and materials are available for all of our printed assets to fit your business needs.

Disclaimer: Note that no medical claims are being made on the products we sell in our Safety Gear category. These products are NOT intended for medical use. No representation or guarantee is being made that these items will protect user from any illness. The masks we sell are NOT intended nor suitable to prevent the wearer of the mask from potentially breathing in bacteria or viruses. These masks are strictly intended for helping to prevent a wearer of the mask that coughs or sneezes from expelling as many droplets into the air around them versus if they were not wearing a mask per recent CDC recommendations on the general public wearing facial coverings. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is still recommended by the CDC even when wearing facial coverings. See the CDC recommendations on back to work precautions related to COVID-19 here: and please check their site regularly for updates.
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